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If you want to learn more about history of the world known trade route, as Silk Road and follow the footsteps of traders, indulge into bustling bazaars with a wide row of goods and tapestry, feel the atmosphere of medieval ages and learn new cultures, then you definitely need to come to Uzbekistan! Strolling along the wide squares and boulevards of Tashkent, grand sophisticated madrasahs and mosques of Samarkand, cozy small streets of Bukhara and Khiva, learn about the history of ancient and medieval dynasties. Along with the gloriously decorated mausoleums and madrasahs, one will find lots of Soviet built architecture and many interesting modern sites. We can book a hotel for you, to provide an excellent guide, and give a car for rent

Former civilizations, Uzbekistan tours. 

If you want to explore more of Central Asian countries, visit KazakhstanTajikistanTurkmenistan and 
Kyrgyzstan with us. We also provide high level services of tours in these countries. Each country is different from each other and has distinguishing highlights. We will be happy to organize tours in Kyrgyzstan, that will include such amazing places as Son Kul lake at the latitude of 3, 000 meters to sleep in yurts and experience nomadic life, Issyk Kul lake, the largest alpine lake in Central Asia with hidden ancient civilizations on its bottom. Tajikistan will show you Pamir mountains with lakes like Bulunkul, Yashil Kul, Iskanderkul and Seven Lakes. Kazakhstan's history is rich but due to nomadic way of life that its people practiced for a long time, not much architecture is preserved. But you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, and some medieval architecture of Sufism. Turkmenistan has also its charms including Ashgabat, the world's marble city, Darwaza gas crater and remains of ancient civilizations in Nisa, Mary, Merv and Margush.

Plan your tour in Uzbekistan or any other neighboring countries with us, and have a great travel experience!