Burana Tower

Burana Tower

Burana Tower was constructed in 11 century. There was a prosperous city on the Great Silk Road - Balasagun. A lot of traders were coming to that city to sell their good and buy something new. There is a Tower that is 24 meters high now. In the past it was 45 meters high but on account of the earthquake in 15 century it was demolished. This tower was used as a sign for travelers and traders, as a watching tower and as a minaret. After the earthquake in the 15 century people were terrified to stay in Balasagun. They thought that God damned that place. That is way all inhabitants left the city in a hurry. Our archeologist found many artifacts there and you can see some of them in a local museum. Some artifacts were taken to Russian in Soviet time. The houses and structures in Balasagun were made of clay and they melt on account of time. Now you can see only the tower and a hill nearby that is conjectured to be khan's palace.

Also you can visit there a graveyard of Balbals. Balabal is a gravestone with picture of warrior. In the 7 century people used to make them for honored dead warriors. Balabals were met in different places of Kyrgyzstan and taken to this place to save them for next generation.

Nearby you will look around ancient petrogliphs - stone paintings. Some of them are from the 8 century B.C. They also were taken to the Balasagun city from different places of our country to be shown for tourists and travelers.



9.00 a.m.     We will pick up you in the hotel.

10:30 a.m.   Arrive to the Burana Tower and excursion to the tower, balbals and petrogliphs when you will explore why and what for they were made.

12.30 p.m.   Departure to your hotel.


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