Travel to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is proud of unique ancient architecture and old culture. Our tours offer to discover traditions of Uzbek people together with historical sites of Silk Road. If you do not have enough time to explore all the countries along the ancient trade road, come to Uzbekistan tour. It will give a perfect idea of Silk Road. The trader on the caravans with diverse cultural background had an influence on the life of Uzbek people. It was the reason of foundation of many centers for science, religion and culture. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, Uzbeks managed to save archeological and architectural places on the trading road. All this historical process contributed to Uzbekistan's popularity in the world.

Uzbekistan welcome millions of tourists in its beautiful cities. Architectural heritages dating back to Medieval Ages and the period of Islam religion in Uzbekistan. Magnificent cities like Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara will charm you with its mesmerizing mosques, madrasahs and mosaic minarets and blooming bazaars.

The popular tour of Uzbekistan goes through Samarkand; it was a capital city of once powerful state- Tamerlane's state. There are incredible artwork in Samarkand. Bukhara is another amazing city with more than 140 architectural monuments. The most exciting part of the tour will be travel to Khiva city. It is the perfect museum city of ancient time. Once you are there you will feel the spirit of Silk Road, caravans travelling through the city. Tashkent is the must be place of your tour, old and modern part of city will give a good chance to see the time lap in the history of the country. In Addition, there are many tours to nature. It is possible to travel to Chimgan Mountain and Charvak Lake. These are perfect places to have a rest after busy city tours. Moreover, there is an opportunity to take a camel ride in Aydarkul Lake.

Mysterious cities combination with beautiful nature will be unforgettable holidays in your life. Do not miss the chance and come to travel on the traces of Silk Road!

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