The Flaming Beauty

 The Flaming Beauty, Turkmenistan Tours

The Flaming Beauty
Starts: Ashgabat
Ends: Ashgabat
Best time to travel: March-April-May September-October-November

Day 1: Ashgabat
Welcome to Ashgabat! After arrival, you will get acquainted with the loņal guide at the Ashgabat International Airport. Ashgabat - capital of Turkmenistan, the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centre of the country. In course of the tour you will explore the Horse-farm for exploring the pride of the Turkmen people - Akhal-Teke horses. It is one of the most beautiful and ancient horses in the world. You will have an opportunity to observe short Akhal-Teke horse show program and can see the racks of horses. After you will return to Ashgabat. In the evening you will have a city tour, there you will explore the most prominent sites of the city. Night will be in a hotel. 

Day 2: Ashgabat - Darwaza
Today you will visit "Seyitjemaleddin" Mosque. The mosque consists of 17 premises, there is the square hall blocked by a dome, based on four big arches. After you will drive back to Ashgabat city. In course of the tour you will transfer to the North of Turkmenistan, village named "Bahardok", there you can get full immersion into life of Turkmen people and then go to the Gas Crater - Darvaza similar to gate in an underworld is located in Turkmen desert Karakum.  After you will have a chance to stop in a small nomadic village and in the evening, to admire with the touching and impressive view of the gas crater. Night will be at the tent.

Day 3: Darwaza - Ashgabat
The tour starts with transferring to Ashgabat. After lunch visit "Old Nisa"-The Sanctuary of Parhian Kings (UNESCO site). In Old Nisa there were palace and temple constructions. Then you will continue with "Gypjak" Mosque and Mausoleumof the late President of Turkmenistan. During the tour you will observe State Museum of History. In this museum all is remarkable: its site, and history,architecture, and the exhibits stored in it. It stores ancient artifacts found at the excavations of the settlements Nisa, Merv and Gonurdepe.

Day 4: Ashgabat - Kov Ata - Ashgabat - Turkmenbashi
Today you will check out of hotel and drive straight to Ashgabat.  En route you can visit  Kov-Ata. The Turkmen name Kov-Ata means "Father of caves". Kov-ata - unusual creation of the nature which can be named as one of miracles of the world. The bottom of the cave is covered with lumps of dissolved limestone (stalagmites). The cave and lake are a popular place of visiting by inhabitants of Turkmenistan and tourist sight.Then you will drive back to Ashgabat or Gokdepe rail station to take a train to Turkmenbashi. Night will be in a train. 

Day 5: Turkmenbashi - Yaginkala - Avaza
This day you will arrive to Turkmenbashi then you will directly transfer to Yangykala. The word "yangikala" is translated from Turkmen as "fire fortresses". Fine on beauty the natural landscapes located in the northwest of Turkmenistan. Waves, a wind and rains have created here freakish castles, towers, walls. The most beautiful view of canyons you can see during sunset, when everything is painted in a red-hot color. This place has wide popularity both of local people, and tourists. Evening time visiting "Gozli Ata" pilgrimage place. It is a place of pilgrimage of local inhabitants, and also pilgrims from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In the conclusion of the tour you will drive to see town Avaza. Night will be in a hotel. 

Day 6: Avaza - Turkmenbashi - Asgabat 
Today you will check out of hotel. You will have an opportunity to have rest on the shore of the Caspian Sea. In course of the tour you will drive to Turkmenbashi airport and fly to Ashgabat. Overnight will be in a hotel. 

Day 7: Flight
In the morning transfer to Ashgabat International airport.