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Travel to Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan is one of the intriguing countries of the world. There many kind of tours for discovering Turkmenistan. The country boasts with hospitality and historical sites as well as natural monuments. If you already decided to come, do in autumn or spring, summer are quite hot in Turkmenistan. Usually most visitors want to merge Turkmenistan with other countries in Central Asia. Nevertheless, Turkmenistan has so many interesting sites to be discovered alone. Just let us know you wishes, we make unique tour for you.

Darwaza Gas Crater is the most fascination destination in Turkmenistan. Every traveler should see magnificent flames of Darwaza. The origin of crater starts in 1971, when the soviet geologists were having excavation works in Karakum desert. After accidental drill, they came across with cavern full of natural gas. In order to stop, people tried to put fire, hoping that gas will run out. However, tame passes it did not stop and finally Darwaza became a popular place ti visit. The best time to see is in the evening. It is the highlight of Turkmenistan tours.

The capital city Ashgabat includes exciting sightseeing. Beautiful marble buildings make city one of the attractive in Central Asia. In addition, there are important historical places in its limits. Not far from the city, there is a farm of famous Turkmen horses. Akhal Teke is the honor of Turkmen. The graceful appearance will surprise you most. Some places like Merv, Mary and Kunya Urgench play a significant role in the history of county. The Nissa was the capital of once Parthia. In the end, it is possible to explore and relax in the nature. Yangikala Canyon will take everyone to mystical world, it followed by Kow Ata Lake in the Nokhur Cave.

Adventure in Turkmenistan is available for every traveler. We always welcome on our tours!

Ancient civilizations of Turkmenistan
About the tour:
This short tour of Turkmenistan will allow you to have general idea about countries history and culture. It will start from famous marble city Ashgabat. Later you will explore the Great Silk Way traces in ancient Merv. Here you will have opportunity to understand the history of the worldly known trade road. More...
Ends: Ashgabat
Best time to travel: March-April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Ancient civilizations of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan tours.

Ashgabat and Darwaza tour
About the tour:
If you want to explore Turkmenistan deeply, this tour is exactly for you. Here you will have a chance to discover modern and old cities, as the same time enjoy natural beauties, Furthermore, you will experience Turkmen life visiting rural areas. More...
Starts: Ashgabat
Best time to travel:

Ashgabat and Darwaza tour, Turkmenistan tours.

Old cities and Darwaza tour
About the tour:
During this trip, you will visit main sites of Northern and Eastern Turkmenistan. You will walk in the beautiful marble city, Merv will open mysteries of famous Silk Road. Spectacular view of the Darwaza will surprise you most. More...
Starts: Ashgabat
Shavat border
Best time to travel:

Old cities and Darwaza tour, Turkmenistan tours.
History of Ashgabat
About the tour: Throughout this trip you will see some of the wonders of Turkmenistan. Your days will be combined of different tours around the city, and several visits to the outskirts of the city. More...
Starts: Ashgabat
Ends: Ashgabat 
Best time to travel: all year round

History of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan tours