Tour around Dushanbe

Tour around Dushanbe, Tajikistan tours. 

Tour around Dushanbe
Starts: Dushanbe
Ends: Dushanbe
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Day 1: Dushanbe
Upon arrival, your guide will wait you at the airport and take you to capital city to begin your tour. Today your guide will show you most attractive places in Dushanbe, capital city of Tajikistan. The first point of travel will be the architectural monuments of the city: House of Parliament, National library, White House, National State Seal, and Rudake Park. Then you will see the largest National Flag of the world, reaching 165 meters high pole, 60 meters in width and 30 meters in length. Following the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there will be informative excursion at Central Museum. Lunch at the local restaurant. Afternoon, you will learn many interesting facts about traditional musical instruments in Gurminj Museum. Next site will be Asian Bazaar of Dushanbe. As many other bazaars on Central Asia, it offers fresh fruits and vegetables together with other goods. Today you will know closely Tajik people and discover many places of Dushanbe. For dinner, you will have Tajik traditional food. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Iskanderkul Lake
Today you will have a tour to one of the most beautiful lakes of Tajikistan, to the Iskanderkul Lake - Mountain lake at the altitude of 2 255 m. Tajikistan has the second largest water deposit in CIS countries. They are 1 000 rivers, 2 000 lakes and 8000 glaciers, which makes country water giant in Central Asia the Iskanderkul Lake lies among Fann Mountain. It has wonderful landscape in the area. In order to get to lake, we will drive via Anzob pass, 3 372 meters high. On the top of the pass, there is incredible view opens to valley. Upon arrival, you can walk along the beach. There is also a beautiful waterfall in 40-minute walk. Many travellers visit this place and enjoy it a lot. Night will be in a house of locals.

Day 3: Iskanderkul Lake - Dushanbe - Hissor
After breakfast, travel back to Dushanbe and travel to Hissor fortress, which is the historical site dating back to 12th-17th centuries, that is popular in Tajikistan. In order to get to fort, it will take about 40 minutes to drive. It represents citadel and other fortified areas. In ancient time, it was the representatives of Bukhara Emirate used this place as a fort. High strong walls rounded it and there were many holes for barrels and guns. Moreover, there were a pool, a big garden and a busy market square with a caravan sarai and shops in its boundaries. However, today only two towers next to the main gate survived. "Madrasa I Kuhna" mosque dating back to 16th-17th centuries, the mausoleum of "Mahdumi Azam" from 16th century, which were reconstructed not long ago. Overnight in a hotel in Dushanbe.

Day 4: Dushanbe - Norak - Dushanbe
Today is dedicated to explore rural areas of the country. You will visit Norak reservoir, the largest reservoir of Tajikistan. Due to its size, it is often called as a Tajik Sea. The capacity of Norak is 10.5 square km. It stretches 70 km in length, the square of the water is 98 square km. The water in the reservoir has dams, which generates electricity for the country. Furthermore, it is used for watering agricultural fields. It also popular place for boat trip lovers. On the surface of the water, there is amazing view to wonderful gorges and glaciers on the mountains. In the end of the day, drive back to Dushanbe. Night is a hotel.

Day 5: Dushanbe - Airport
The end of the trip and transfer to the airport.