Ancient Tajikistan

Ancient Tajikistan, Tajikistan tours

Ancient Tajikistan
Starts: Murgab
Ends: Dushanbe
Best time to travel: June-July-August-September

Day 1: Kyrgyz border - Karakul Lake - Murgab
The adventure begins! After being welcomed at the border you will head straight to Murgab. The road runs over mountains and high passes. On the way you will drive over Taldyk pass which is in the Alai ridge, is focused from the north on the south and connects a river Gulcha valley in the north with the Alai valley in the south. Right on the highway of the Pamir Tract is situated the light-blue lake of Karakul It is located at a foot of a ridge of Zaalai. Karakul is translated from the Turkic as «Black Lake». Salty lake water has bitterish taste and remains enough cold within all year. Local residents name this water dead because of a high parity of salt. Water very pure and transparent, and visibility is about 9 metres. After making wonderful photo of the lake we will transfer to Murgab. They say in the Pamir: "to arrive here and do not see Murgab is like not visiting the Pamirs at all". Murgab is located in a valley of the river with the same name between mountains at height of 3612 metres above sea level is the most high-mountainous regional centre on the post-Soviet territory.  On the way you will transfer over the highest Ak Baital pass (4 655 m). A climate here severe - in the winter to -50 C°, and in the summer +40 C°. Night is in a guesthouse.

Day 2: Murgab - Khorog 
Today you will departure to Khorog in morning along Pamir Highway, known as M41 Pamir Tract. Pamir Tract - a highway, connecting the cities Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Khorog (Tajikistan) and Dushanbe, extent over 1200 km. On the way you will drive over Koitezak pass (4 271 m). The almost inaccessible landscape and the rocky mountains of this corner of the world have given safe haven to a unique diversity of wildlife. Amongst the most common species of wild mammals are grizzly bear,Turkestan rat, tiger-cat, , badger, stoat, fox, grey and red wolves. Pamirs grows a large and thriving population of Marco Polo sheep very graceful and wild cloven-hoofed animals from the family of bovid that live in the highlands of Central Asia and snow leopard. Night is in a guesthouse.

Day 3: Khorog - Kalai Khum  
You will drive to Kalai Khum village in the morning. («A fortress on the river Khum») - village, the centre of Darvazsk region. Passing though the Pamirs, the tourists have unique chance to marvel around and inspire by the beauty of virgin environment. The highland Pamir attracts for a long time finders of adventurers. In the tour you will stop in small villages to get acquainted with local people and to observe their life. The settlements are situated on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. Overnight is in a home stay.

Day 4: Kalai Khum - Norak - Dushanbe
You will continue your tour and transfer to Dushanbe. You will finish drive along Afghanistan border today. Today highest point will be Shuraba pass (2 267 m). This place is very fascinating and always amaze each person who travelled along this pass. Always the world's greatest explorers were amazed by natural beauty of Tajikistan. The charms of the country attract explorers such as - Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar. And you today can travel in this beautiful country. Then in the touryou  will drive along natural border - Pyanj River. For the people of Pamir are characteristic some lines of economic activities and basic elements of material and spiritual culture. Who had a trip in Pamir usually called this giant mountain system the ocean of white and blue mountains.  In course of the tour you will explore Norak water reservoir that is called Tajik Sea. Night is spent in a hotel. 

Day 5: Dushanbe  
There is the option to overlook all prominent places of the city.  In the city tour you will have a chance to discover Rudake Park, National library, White House, National state seal, and House of parliament. En route you will discover National Park, one of the most beautiful places and observe the biggest National Flag in the world. Don't miss a chance to take a lot of amazing photos! Then you will visit to Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments. The museum totals in the funds over 200 exhibits from all countries of Asia. If you want to get great impression you should visit Asian bazar. This place is famous for visitors and townspeople.  You will see today the main highlights of Dushanbe.  And you will find out information about Tajik people. Night is in a hotel.

Day 6: Flight
In the morning is transfer to the airport.