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Travel to Tajikistan
Celestial mountains, charming lakes, colorful valleys and silvery rivers are all about Tajikistan. Moreover, it boasts with cultural diversity of people. The most exciting about Tajikistan tour is legendary Pamir Mountains. It is the second highest mountain populated by people after Himalaya in Tibet. Therefore, it is obvious that for centuries Tajik people call them as "the Roof of the World". Take your Tajikistan tour and get into the breathtaking world of mountains.

Most of the tracks starts from capital city Dushanbe. It also offers nice places of interest. There is possible D-tour to Pamir Highway finishing in Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. The same itinerary is available vise verse.

The Pamir Highway is the most attractive destination of not only Tajikistan but also Central Asia adored by travelers. Starting from Osh to Dushanbe, its length 1 325 km. all this way is full of majestic rocky mountains and peaks more than 6000 m. The highest pass on the road will be 4 655m above sea level - Ak Baital Pass. Another interesting part of the tour is driving along the Afghan border. On the other site of river, there is an opportunity to see villages. There will be several settlements along the way, where you can stop for exploring more about local life. Murgab, Langar, Yamchun, Khorog and Kalai Khum home to people who save pure culture. For instance, Wakhi preserved their unique identity and traditions. Some tours go to mountain lakes like Iskanderkul, Seven Lakes and Norak reservoir. Tajikistan boasts with thousands of lakes and hundreds of glaciers. Khujand, Penjakent, Istaravshan and remains of fortresses like Hissor will be a great storage house of ancient history of the country.

If you are still thinking about travelling to Central Asia, start from Tajikistan tour. We will organize you amazing trip within the Mountains of Pamir.

Fann tour
About the tour:
Tour will start at the Uzbek-Tajik border Oibek and dedicated to discover the northern part of Tajikistan. Magnificent mountains and alpine Lake Iskanderkul will surprise you. Then you will have plenty of time to a sightseeing in Dushanbe too. More...
Tajik-Uzbek border (Oibek) - Khujand
Ends: Dushanbe
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Fann tour, Tajikistan tours.

Short tour in Fann Mountains
About the tour:
This short tour will allow you to discover main sites of Tajikistan. The itinerary goes through capital city Dushanbe to Iskanderkul Lake. The landscape of the area will charm you. During the tour, you will also have an opportunity to find out more about history of Tajik land. More...
Ends: Dushanbe
Best time to travel:

Short tour in Fann Mountains, Tajikistan tours.

Tour around Dushanbe
About the tour:
During this trip you will explore the city life and as the same time countryside. Tor will be full of entertaining and amazing places, including Iskanderkul Lake, Hissor Fortress Complex and Norak Reservoir. More...
Starts: Dushanbe
Ends: Dushanbe
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Tour around Dushanbe, Tajikistan tours.