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Travel to Kyrgyzstan

We are always happy to welcome you to Kyrgyzstan. It is the natural heaven in Central Asia. Celestial mountains, alpine lakes and diverse culture all about Kyrgyzstan. Until Kyrgyz people founded Kyrgyz statehood, other empires and states conquered this territory for hundreds of years in the history.

Today the land of Kyrgyzstan is popular place among travelers from different parts of the globe. There are variety of tours for everyone. During travelling, it is possible to merge many activities like horseback riding and trekking in the Tien Shan, swimming in the mountain lakes and having experience in the nomadic life.  There is a great opportunity to discover culture and history of local people along with incredible beauty of Kyrgyzstan.

One of the popular places to travel is Osh city in famous Fergana Valley. Osh is the most ancient city with Silk Road history. In the territory of Kyrgyzstan, there are breathtaking gorges; Ala Archa is one of them, hosting rare animals like snow leopard, mountain goats and sheep. As well as beautiful herbal plants. Along with nature, discover art of Kyrgyz people. Kochkor village will represent you the most valuable examples of traditional felt carpets.

Famous Tien Shan Mountain blessed Kyrgyzstan with wide valleys and stunning alpine lakes. Chong Kemin Valley boasts with hospitality and white mountain rivers. In Chong Kemin, there is a great chance to ride a horse in spruce forest.  Issyk Kul Lake is legendary place of travelers. It is located at the altitude of 1608 m and offers golden beaches and mountain activities around the lake. Another lake Son Kul is highlight of the nomadic culture in Kyrgyzstan. Thousands of yurts on the alpine meadow will charm every traveler. We always do our best to turn your Kyrgyzstani tour into unforgettable adventure!

South and North Kyrgyzstan
About the tour:
During this tour, you will travel from the south part of the country to the biggest alpine Lake son Kul. If Osh and Bishkek city will tell you about the history of the country, Son Kul Lake will show you the real nomadic culture of Kyrgyz people. The exceptional beauty of Kyrgyzstan will surprise you. More...
Starts: Osh
Ends: Bishkek
Best time to travel: June-July-August-September

South and North Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan tours.

Land of nomads' tour
About the tour:
If you want to combine different activities in Kyrgyzstan, then this tour is definitely for you. During this tour, you will uncover historical places, experience nomadic life, learn how to make traditional carpets of UNESCO heritage and finally ride a horse in the heart of the legendary Tien Shan Mountains. More...
Starts: Osh
Best time to travel:

Land of nomads tour, Kyrgyzstan tours.

Long tour of nomads
About the tour:
This one-week tour has plenty of places to know and learn about the country. The itinerary starts in Osh and Bishkek city, and then it goes to the land of nomadic culture and untouched beauty- Son Kul lake, accompanied by many traditional experiences. The last destination will be the pearl of the Tien Shan - Issyk Kul lake. More...
Ends: Bishkek
Best time to travel: June-July-August-September

 Long tour of nomads, Kyrgyzstan tours.

Tour around Bishkek 
About the tour: The following trip will show you the wonders of the beautiful lake, canyons and a couple of historical locations which played a significant role in the lives of the ancestors and the traders of the Great Silk Road. More...
Starts: Bishkek 
Ends: Bishkek 
Best time to travel: all year round

Tour around Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan tours 

Wonderful dreams in Kyrgyzstan 
About the tour: The following trip is a short one, however it will allow you to see the beauty of Kyrgyzstan, the road that you will be taking will surely intrigue you and make you want to come back one more time Enjoy the green scenery of the gorges, the red rocks of the canyons and ofcourse the beautiful cool breeze of the Issik Kul lake - the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan. More...
Starts: Bishkek
Ends: Kegen
Best time to travel: Mai- June- July- August- September

Wonderful dreams in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours

The land of sun
About the tour: There are many options on how to spend your vacation, so why would you not want to spend seven days in Kyrgyzstan, driving around the Issik Kul lake and getting introduced to the traditions customs and the means of Central Asian nomads. More...
Starts: Bishkek
Ends: Bishkek 
Best time to travel: all year round

The land of sun, Kyrgyzstan tours 

Linking the north and south of Kyrgyzstan
About the tour: The trip is made for the people who would like to take the most out of several free days during their vacation. The tour will go through the whole Kyrgyzstan and take you from the north to the south of the country. More...
Starts: Bishkek
Ends: Osh 
Best time to travel: June-July-August-September

Linking the north and south of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours

Paradise of nomads
About the tour: You will make a circle which will include such places as the two biggest lakes in Kyrgyzstan, the biggest walnut forest in the southern side of the city and ofcourse the wonderful passes at the high altitudes and the landscapes that will open up to your gaze. More...
Starts: Bishkek
Ends: Bishkek 
Best time to travel: June- July- August- September

Paradise of nomads, Kyrgyzstan tours