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Travel to Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries of the world, being on 9th place in the global map of countries. The terrain of the country is often associated with boundless undulating steppes, however Kazakhstan hosts the beautiful part of Tien Shan Mountains in the south of the country. There are many tours combining different landscape and various activities for every traveler. Kazakhstan also rich in natural mineral resource.

There are two large cities in Kazakhstan. While Almaty represents the history and culture, Nur-Sultan symbolize bright and modern future of the country. Travel to Nur-Sultan surprise you with extremely modern and decorative architecture. There is a day tour from Nur-Sultan to Borovoye National Park. It is a blessed place with high mountain peaks and many alpine lakes. Every traveler can take an easy hike to some peaks. Almaty is former capital and nowadays center of culture. The mountains on the south of Almaty provides spectacular backdrop to the city and offer short tours. One of them is Medeo gorge, where the highest mountain ice skating rink is found. Moreover, there is a Shymbulak ski resort for winter sport lovers and Big Almaty Lake, reflecting water surface charm every traveler.

Not far from Almaty, it is possible to find yourself in legendary lakes of Kolsai and Kaindy. These lakes of Tien Shan most beloved destination to travel. Kol Sai Lakes including three mesmerizing lakes. There is an opportunity of hiking, horse riding and fishing. The area of Kolsai is rich in wild animals like antelope and elk. It addition there are rare animals like wolf, bear, and snow leopard. The road to Kaindy Lake is most exciting.

Let us organize your Kazakhstani tour. We will make it unforgettable taking into account all your personal wishes and preferences.

Capital tour
About the tour:
This tour will show you the main cities of Central Asian Giant. The country is rich in history and as the same time modern with architecture. Extraordinary monuments of XXI century in Nur-Sultan will allow you to see Central Asian perspectives in the future. Tour will end in the legendary Charyn Canyons, known as a little brother of Grand Canyons. More...
Ends: Almaty
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Capital tour, Kazakhstan tours.

Lakes of Kazakhstan
About the tour:
This short tour of Kazakhstan will allow you to combine city cultural sites with beautiful natural monuments. It starts from modern capital city Nur-Sultan, then explore Soviet history in Almaty and rest of the time you will enjoy in the arm of the nature. More...
Starts: Nur-Sultan
Ends: Almaty
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Lakes of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan tours.

Lakes worth seeing in Kazakhstan
About the tour: This tour offers you the most remarkable sites of the Land of Great Steppes. Kazakhstan is rich in both history and nature. During the trip, you will explore the biggest cities like Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Then the wonderful natural beauties will make you surprised. More...
Starts: Nur-Sultan
Ends: Almaty
Best time to travel: April-May-June-July-August-September-October

Lakes worth seeing in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan tours. 

Almaty & Nur-Sultan tour
About the tour: During the following trip, you will have an opportunity to take a walk around the cities and learn about the history of Kazakhstan. You will also get introduced to the nature of the country and the beautiful views that it offers to its tourists. More...
Starts: Almaty
Ends: Almaty
Best time to travel: all year round

Almaty & Nur-Sultan tour, Kazakhstan tours