Kyrgyzstan tower

Burana Tower. Located at 7 km.ot Tokmok. This is the minaret of the 11th century and one of the first buildings of its kind in Central Asia. The true height of the tower was 45 m height of the tower now 24.6 meters, the rest was destroyed in an earthquake in the 15th century. In the 10th and 12th centuries Carahanid Khanate was a great feudal state in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The founders, Karakhanids, lived in the Tien Shan and in a short period of the second half of the 10th century, captured a large area. One of the capitals of this state was Balasagun. At the time Karakhanids developed new towns and settlements, the centers of large cities have been improved, and Moslem religious buildings were erected in the Balasagun. City life is slowly falling into decay, the residents left the city, buildings were abandoned, and finally in the 15th century, they ceased to exist.
Currently, the settlement operates Burana archaeological and architectural open-air museum. Museumification assumed a number of other sites of the ancient city. As time passes we will be able to walk on the streets drevnegoBalasaguna resurrected, as did the ancestors of nearly a thousand years ago.