Kyrgyzstan milk

Production of koumiss - a very laborious and expensive, if you cook it by the rules.

Technology of preparation of this drink is simple. Koumiss is produced by fermentation of mare's milk kumysnoy leaven. It is a mixture of Bulgarian and acidophilic lactic acid bacilli and yeast.
The very first task in the manufacture of koumiss - to collect mare's milk. Milked mares often - 4-6 times a day, milk is intense, but it gives little mare. Then pour the milk into a clean wooden deck made, such as basswood. This is to ensure that mare had no foreign odors and flavors. In milk, add yeast, based on a strong mature koumiss. And at a temperature of 18-20 degrees vymeshivayut this mixture for an hour or more.
Koumiss contains less fat and protein than cow's milk, but sugar in it is 1.5 times greater. Gentle mare with up to 1 per cent alcohol, the average - up to 1.75, three-day mare mare's milk from a natural can display up to 4.5-5% alcohol.