Kyrgyzstan houses

In the male half to the left of the entrance, folded and hung accessories related to the care of cattle, horse and hunting equipment. Female half of the right of the entrance. In the female half of the allocated space for utensils and food safety. Opposite the entrance, a fireplace, a wall of the yurt is a place of honor for guests. Also in chests or bags stored valuables, clothing, formed a pile of blankets, pillows and rugs. Here, a place to sleep. Tent was covered with grease lamp (chyrak), which was placed on a wooden stand. Later, lighting oil lamps were used. Internal and external decoration of the yurt reflect material wealth owners. Yurts wealthy owners are large, good quality felt, the presence of bands of ornaments, a large number of rugs, mats of ences, embroideries. The rich owners might not be one, but several tents: for individual family members, guests, for married sons to cook.
Housing Kirghiz, referred to the residence and engaged in farming, were the houses built of mud brick. Adobe bricks was a clay to be mixed with finely cut up grass, dried in the sun. In the interior of the house Kirghiz, as before, play an important role felt carpets, wall panels with embroidery, chests to store things.