Kyrgyzstan caravanserai

Tash-Rabat. Cultural and historical area, which is located in the oldest historical monument Tash Arbat caravanserai (14th century) is located 110 km south of the Naryn and near the border with China at an altitude of 3200 m in the valley of the Kara-Koyun.
Tash-Rabat (caravanserai) was a coaching inn for travelers and traders followed the Silk Road from Central Asia to China, as well as a place zaschischavschim traders and travelers from bandits in those times. Tash-Rabat comfortable and interesting place to stop on the road from Bishkek to Kashgar and back.
Today, the caravanserai is a square, squat building that is actually much larger than can be seen from the side, because one of its parts dug into the mountainside. The structure consists of a large central hall (in its interior plaster preserved elements of the "Hantzsch" - baked clay, and traces of paint) and 31 rooms, arranged around the hall, crowned with 20 domes and 11 arches.
In many underground passages of the fortress, there is a secret exits and underground prison (dungeon). They have been used as a shelter for refugees and monks as a place of religious studies, and shelter for trade caravans for centuries.