Let's talk about the transportation possibilities of Kyrgyzstan if you suddenly decide to go to travel there. First, let's talk about rail transportation in the state. At the moment, the railway company "Kyrgyz Temir Zholy" or "Kyrgyz Railroad" operates in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. However, please keep in mind that Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country and that is why it is not always and everywhere possible to travel by railway transportation during the tour. Therefore, we are always ready to please our guests with our cars for rent service during your tour.

Railway transportation of Kyrgyzstan operates in two directions - north and south. On the tour, for example, you can travel to Issyk Kul by train, taking a ticket from Bishkek to Balykchy. Further, this railway will continue to the railway of Kazakhstan. Previously, those tourists who traveled in the south of Kyrgyzstan saw it as a good idea to go to Uzbekistan by train by buying a ticket from the city of Osh or Jalal Abad. Nevertheless, unfortunately, at the present time, tourists cannot fill such an idea.

Visit the website of the Railway Company, or, if you want to find out the timetable for railway transport. But for other travelers, remember that it is impossible to get to a certain place during the tour by train as soon as possible, so use Bishkek car for rent service. To do this, you need to write by e-mail or call and book a tour with cars for rent option.

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