Traditional clothes

We thought it would be helpful if we make an article about Kyrgyz traditional clothes for travelers who are going on tour by rent a car service. And so Kyrgyzstan is always glad to new guests and we are ready to provide Bishkek car rent service to make it easier for tourists to travel around the country. Today, many travelers have to take the tour and rent a car according to their preferences and experience the culture, traditions and see Kyrgyz traditional clothes with their own experience.

Clothes are a symbol of the material and spiritual culture of any nation, as well as with Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz traditional clothing is a reflection of spiritual life, which has been and remains unique for about 700 years. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan by rent a car service, tourists are understandably unable to see local residents dressed in Kyrgyz traditional clothes already in our modern days. However, during the tour with Bishkek car rent service, travelers can visit museums or, for example, on holidays, events are usually held on the main square where people wear traditional clothes. Previously, the Kyrgyz were nomads, as it is already known that clothes had to match and be convenient so that they feel comfortable at a height among the winds.

Travelers have the option of using Bishkek car rent service during the tour and visiting a museum where Kyrgyz traditional clothes are exhibited. Previously, men wore trousers "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar". Also in the cold weather, they wore a coat "Ichik" made of wolf, fox, and lynx fur. Nomads wore Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai headdresses. And women of that time wore beautiful beldemchi skirts. By the way, they also wore an Ichik coat. It is always customary to decorate the hats of girls with bird feathers, with various traditional adornments, pearls and precious stones. And the Chiptama jacket was also a component of women's clothing.