Road network

You want to travel to Kyrgyzstan the proper manner as soon as you've made up your decision. While on a tour, you might be interested in renting a car. In Kyrgyzstan, you may rent a car, although public transit and taxis are other choices.

Cars are driven on the left side of the road for your convenience. Right-handed persons are less common than left-handed ones. For each individual passenger, public transportation in the city is available for a total of 10 hours. The value of 1 USD is projected to be around 85 som. Mercedes Sprinters are the most common vehicles used by marsrutkas (minibus). Take note of the Yutong buses, which cost 8 som.

Depending on the day and destination of the tour, it costs between 100 and 130 som to go there, plus an extra 50 to 100 som. It's not unusual for a taxi driver to work for many companies. Private drivers, on the other hand, are far more costly.

Participants on the tour can rent a range of cars. It's as simple as contacting us by e-mail or phone and expressing your desire to travel around Kyrgyzstan. Our team also came up with the concept for Kyrgyzstan. Because driving through the mountains is challenging, a 4x4 is the best method to go to isolated regions. We'd like to make the following offers on behalf of our team.

01-04 persons - Mitsubishi Delica
05-10 persons - Mercedes Sprinter
11-25 persons - 2 Mercedes Sprinter
25 and more - big bus (Neoplan, Setra, Yutong)


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