Peak Pobeda

There are many beautiful places and attractions in Kyrgyzstan. You can find out in trukha op Kyrgyzstan that there is a Victory peak in Kyrgyzstan. This peak has a height of 7439 meters, it borders China and is considered the highest point in the Soviet Union in the past.

In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore the sights of the country, about the places that are located near the peak. We can tell you so much about the glacier called Asterisk. You will also find out during the tours that you will be able to rent a car and explore all the charming scenery. In China, this peak is called as Tomur Peak. The peak has an interesting history, that the outstanding researcher P. Semenov called the peak incorrectly.

So he was able to name this peak as Khan-Tengri. And in the past, 2 peaks at different times could be called as Khan-Tengri. You will also be able to explore what the peak was named after the Second World War "Pobeda". Several climbers and teams were able to climb the peak. And during the tours, it will also be possible to find out that most of the attempts failed due to bad weather conditions. The team of specialists offers clients to rent a car on tours and also get to know the most magnificent places of the country and also get to know the territories.