Obelisk Burana

In tours of Kyrgyzstan, our clients will be able to find out that Kyrgyzstan has many great sights and places that can be posted and explored. and to make your tours interesting, you can explore the information about them before you start your tours in Krygyzstan. One of the most noteworthy is the Burana tower. Burana Tower is located 60 km from the city of Bishkek in the Chui region and to get to it in the tours in Kyrgyzstan you can rent a car from our company.

Our experts suggest reading an article about the Burana Tower and finding out that it was part of the Balasagun architectural complex. The tower is considered as the city is very ancient. To make a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to find out that the city ceased to exist in the middle ages. You can take a trip in a rented car to enjoy the historical heritage of the country in tours. In the tours you can find out that the city originated in the 11th century and the tower and its initial height was 45 meters. In the 13th century, the city was attacked by Genghis Khan and his army. His army was able to destroy part of the tower. The town disappeared in the 15th century. In the Soviet Union in the 19th century, researchers found the city and decided to restore the tower. After that, all the finds were transferred to the Historical Museum of Bishkek. You can visit this city on tours of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy its views and information.