Kyrgyz traditional drinks

Traditional food is an important factor in the life of the nomadic people who have been living in the mountains, valleys and steppes since ancient times. These drinks are very tasty and nutritious. Since ancient times, they were useful and natural. You can rent a car, enjoy the scenery, explore many beautiful places.

These drinks are made from milk, and have played an important role in the life of the Kyrgyz people. You will be able to explore that if you need to get milk for kymyz, you need about 1.5 hours to milk the mares. You have a chance that it is drunk most often by nomads on pastures, and carried with them in bags or leather jugs. Kymyz secretes a huge amount of vitamins, and a very tasty drink.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym is usually made from cereals, flour is fried on fat. In the tour of Kyrgyzstan, our dear customers have a chance to enjoy the tour and learn the creation of the drink, explore everything with their own eyes, and learn how to add water, salt, and local people cook cereals for a long time and yes.t brew the drink for about 10 hours. You also have the opportunity to drink a warm jarma drink, which is also delicious and nutritious. With a strong thirst, you can drink this drink and it will disappear.

There is another traditional drink that is made from cow's milk, and it is called ayran. You have a chance to explore that it is made from beneficial bacteria. Guests of our country have the opportunity to rent a car like a Lexus LX470, and see how first the milk is heated, allowed to cool down and then it is fermented for about 8 hours. This drink is also used to relieve thirst.

Ak serke
E Eslitgos is a well-known drink that is made from beef broth, and it is called ak serke. This drink is made from one liter of broth, to which about 200 grams of buttermilk is added, followed by salt. And then let it brew in the heat. If you are hungry, you can use this drink and it will leave the feeling of hunger.

Bozo is one of the most delicious drinks and is known for its method of making. This drink consists only of natural ingredients such as wheat, bozo, millet, or rice. You have a great chance to try the drink and explore what properties it has. Anyone can rent a car on tours of Kyrgyzstan and explore the city.