Issyk Kul lake as a splendid locality for the guests

Kyrgyzstan has beautiful landscapes, clean nature and the best views. In its vast expanses, Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful lake Issyk Kul, which has a name like a pearl. This lake is located in the heart of the mountains, and you will be able to see all the most beautiful and amazing landscapes. And it translates as "warm lake". And you will be able to explore what it has salty properties and it never freezes. Guests of the country on tours can learn that there is a legend that indicates how the lake happened and why it is salty. As the saying goes, there was a city that was very ancient and it suffered from an earthquake. And in the tours you will also be able to explore that as there were no girls in the city at that time, and they returned and saw only ruins and rubble, they began to cry bitterly and filled the whole city, and Issyk Kul appeared.

For you on tours, our team can create and show you all the most picturesque landscapes of the country in a rented car. You will also be able to explore that the lake dropped the water level from 1856 to 2002 by 8.5 meters. And you will also be able to explore on tours that the lake has mountain ranges like Kungei Alatoo in the north and Terskey Alatoo in the south. There are different types of fish in our lake Issyk Kul. And in the tours you can also see osman, carp, chebak being sold on the beach. And our tourists will be able to use the car rental service, see the freshness of water and air, and of course the atmosphere in tours around Kyrgyzstan.