Dungan mosque

The tour in Kyrgyzstan would make it convenient to visit the Dungan Mosque and rent a car in well-known big target regions. The reported foundation of the mosque is regarded by vacationers as fascinating and worthy of review.

It is relevant along these lines that people left the Chinese zone on the flight in 1877 and went to the disconnected ones of the present visit. They opened an agency in the aftermath of their appearance. 1907 was the year that Chjou Siy, the planner, was welcomed. Twenty people helped build the mosque around then. You can see during your tour of Kyrgyzstan that this mosque was created without metal.

Vacationers today have the ability to rent a car and study mosques on their own. At the same time, Bishkek offers car rental controls, giving you the ability to investigate the underlying shadows. Next, the red tone is the promise of the villain's orders, the lushness of the yellow tone, and the gratification of the green tone. In Soviet days, it was obstinate to accept God and visit demanding sites. Essentially, it took place in the 20th century. There were wounded around then, because of the Second World War, and Muslims gave a lot of money. The organization allowed access to it around then. Nowadays, you ought to consider renting a car in Kyrgyzstan with the intention of choosing a tour of Karakol town and Dungan Mosque.

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