We wish you great tours in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Be told some facts about Bishkek as well as car rent in Kyrgyzstan. Get inspiration of the highest ethnic, economic and cultural center. In past times the city called, Pishpek, Frunze, afterwards Bishkek in 1991 after independency.  

Travelers are endorsed to use car rent and see Chui Valley; the mountains of Tien Shan located at the height of 900m above sea level around with the entire land of the city to be 127 km ².

On tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be shown exhilarating boarders of the type of Ala Too Square, Government House, Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian Drama Theater, Kyrgyz Drama Theater, National Library, State Historical Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Victory Monument, Oak Park and other places of wonder. Travelers are conspicuous to visit the Osh bazaar, the center of the lifespan of the people. It is one of the greatest locations in the list of the beloved places for visiting. With car rent, you will get astounding routes full of great places.

When travelers come here, the first they see is the International Manas Airport. Passing the way of 45 km from the airport to the capital, they are given the facts about the tours. In order to walk about the country, it is possible to take a taxi, using the service of After taking a rented car, there is a need to have national currency as som. Currency exchanges are made in the banks.

If you want to get comforting tour, rent a car Kyrgyzstan and be the visitant of the following services - hotels, Kyrgyz cuisine,, European cuisine , coffee house , and vegetarian cuisine Those who like imposing clubs, better to know that to be in the streets at night is hazardous. Tours will offer enormous feelings with car rent service and motivation in Kyrgyzstan.  

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